Dietary Supplements

At The Wellness Pharmacy, we proudly present Pure Encapsulations® and Standard Process nutritional supplements, which are meticulously formulated lines of hypoallergenic, research-based dietary supplements. These exclusive products are only available through health professionals and are designed to deliver predictable results, catering to the needs of all patients, including the most sensitive individuals. With a commitment to using pure ingredients, our brands provide optimal benefits for the well-being of our valued patients.

Genetic Testing

The Wellness Pharmacy offers support for genetic testing to identify Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs). SNPs are common genetic variations that, when identified in an individual, can help practitioners and patients achieve greater precision in nutritional recommendations. We will guide you through the process, starting with a saliva test that will identify SNPs. We then analyze the results and recommend a nutritional supplement program optimized for your unique genetic makeup.


At The Wellness Pharmacy, our pharmacist becomes part of your healthcare team. We provide consultations to help optimize your health.

Medication Consultation

When it comes to medication, one size does not fit all. Many patients find that their healthcare needs are not met by manufactured medication because of issues like allergies, dosage, or strengths. These patients can use our pharmacy to personalize their medication for their individual needs.

While we do not prescribe medications, our pharmacist will work with patients and their doctors to address medication challenges and recommend therapies, alternate medications, and dosage forms that may help.

Nutritional Consultation

Our Master Herbalist, Deanna Cowgill, is available to help optimize individuals’ health with alternative therapies. Deanna will review one’s health history and recommend an alternative health formula customized to your needs.

Hormone Consultations

Our pharmacist provides private consultations for both men and women to review symptoms and test results to determine the best customized hormone therapy.