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Custom Made Medicines to Meet Unique Needs

The advent of mass manufacturing has caused a shift in the practice of medicine away from the individual. Each of us is unique and while we may sometimes benefit from "one size fits all" technology (perhaps 2 or 3 sizes of some manufactured medicines), it may be that a customized formula of the medication may be more beneficial. An individual formula can take into account sensitivities to dyes or preservatives, a need for a stronger or weaker dose or even a different form for someone who does not care to swallow medicines or would like to minimize stress to internal organs such as the stomach or liver.

Our compounding pharmacists, working with you and your physicians, can make medicines that are easier on your system and more pleasant to take or use.

We have specialized equipment to mix medicines in many different forms including lollipops, creams, ointments, injectables, suppositories, capsules, of course, and others. Because compounding allows almost unlimited variations, we can combine some medicines to reduce the number of doses necessary.

Do Not Forget the Pets

If you've ever tried to get a cat to swallow a pill, you will be especially pleased to know that a number of medicines can be formulated in a cream form that can be rubbed into the inside of the cat's ear. This works well for other pets too. We have extensive experience formulating veterinary medicines.

Frequently Asked Questions About Compounding

What is compounding?
Compounding is the art of preparing medicines in dosage forms and strengths that are not available from manufacturers.

Who needs compounded medication?
Children, adults and pets can all benefit from compounded medications. The list below indicates some of the problems we can manage by compounding.

Allergies: Compounding customizes formulas according to individual needs. We can provide lactose free and preservative free medications.

Alternate dosage forms for those unwilling or unable to swallow oral medications.

Combine several medicines into one capsule reduces the number of pills take.

Eliminate preservatives, flavorings, dyes or perfumes for those with allergies or sensitivities

Flavor medications to improve taste making medicine time pleasant for pets and children.

Higher or lower doses or strengths eliminate the need to take several capsules or cut tablets into pieces.

Minimize toxicity: Compounding pain medications into topical formulas means that the medications can be applied directly where needed reducing stress on the liver and other organs.

Sensitive stomachs or difficulty swallowing: Compounding medicines in a suspension, suppository or penetrating skin formula solves these issues.

Unavailable formulas: Can't find "Dr. Gibson's Ointment", "Denver Mud" or other prescription and non-prescription medication? We can usually compound formulas for products that are no longer manufactured.

Ask what we can do to solve your medication problems - email or call 800-880-5882 for a consultation.

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